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Van Life ‘N Rock ‘N Roll: Stillwell’s Jaimie Teissere 2019 Sprinter Van

Van Life ‘N Rock ‘N Roll: Stillwell’s Jaimie Teissere 2019 Sprinter Van

When he’s not making music as the guitarist in the rock band Stillwell, Jamie Teissere enjoys the great outdoors with his son in his custom Sprinter van. The van life suits the busy musician, who seeks sanctuary from the open road as long as it’s paved with dirt. 

Born in the City of Angeles but raised in the LBC, Jaime would long for toys meant for the dirt, but his parents were more prone to taking to the snow to ski and snowboard. So when he could finally afford his hobbies, he naturally took to the sand and rugged terrain, purchasing all the dirt toys he longed for as a kid. “I pretty much never stopped off-roading since then,” he admits, adding that he’s had numerous 4×4 trucks, dirt bikes, SxS, Razors, and more since his early twenties.

Jaime Stilwell Sprinter
Jaime Stilwell Sprinter

But his passion for playing in the dirt also ignited his interest in cars, especially those with nostalgic origins. “I’ve had a lot of classic cars in my life. I’ve had a lot of old-school Chevys, too,” Jaimie says. “My first car was a 1967 VW Bug, and I even had a 1965 Ford Fairlane before I even got my driver’s license.” He is a 1967 Buick GS400M that’s completely fixed and sitting in his garage. Despite having a few exotics and luxury rides, Jaimie felt something was missing, especially after selling his RV.

“I just got sick of driving around this 35-foot RV, so I sold it and bought the 2019 Sprinter van, which I love,” he exclaims. “I love that I can take it anywhere, park it anywhere, and just go. It’s freedom to me. I just get in it and head east; I don’t need a destination.” With the freedom the Sprinter provides him, Jaime admits that he loves heading out to Johnson Valley and Glamis with his 13-year-old son. 

What makes the Sprinter even more appealing is that it’s customized to Jaimie’s wishes by After School Customs in Torrance, CA. Since Jaimie and his son both race BMX bikes, the original idea for the van was to travel to various races throughout the nation. But as racing slowed, Jaimie dressed it up for all his desert adventures. Every mod was precisely thought out, with Jaimie researching what he wanted the Sprinter to feature. He admits to taking inspiration from other Sprinter vans to create his dream adventure rig.

Jaime Stilwell Sprinter

“My favorite mod has to be my Happy Jack bed that electronically lowers from the ceiling. It keeps it tucked away, so I have extra room inside the van. I just hit a switch, and it automatically comes down… it’s so cool.” His second favorite mod is the kitchen table with seating that lowers to reveal another bed, allowing even more sleeping space for him and his son. Then there’s the outdoor shower in the back with a magnetic shower curtain that keeps water out of the van and creates privacy, which comes in third on his favorites list.

The elaborate build was initially supposed to take only a few months, but it doubled since Jaimie changed a few of the mods midway. “I kept seeing cool stuff from other builds that I wanted to incorporate, which delayed the build time, but it was all worth it. Everything came out exactly how I wanted.”

Jaime Stilwell Sprinter

As every upfitter knows, there’s always something more to add to their rig, exactly how Jaimie feels. “I’m still going to add an air compressor, a winch on the front, and a front bumper and running boards with side steps because the van is so lifted and has big tires,” he says. But even with those upgrades, he could save time taking the Sprinter to his favorite spots.

The first trip after he got it back was to Glamis, where he stayed a few nights, but he only got to test it out on his second trip to Johnson Valley to take it off-roading. “It handles like a beast! I was impressed at how it didn’t bounce or make loud noises. Everything rattles and shakes in RVs, but the Sprinter felt solid. I love how simple it is – I only bring the essentials, and it has everything I need. It’s perfect for me.”

Jaimie has fully embraced the Sprinter off-road life and is trying to spread his passions to fellow bandmates, hoping they’ll be sold on the van life, too. “I told the guys that we should all get Sprinter vans and then go out and tour. We wouldn’t need to rent buses or book hotels because we’d have everything we’d need with the vans. I’ve already got mine, so I’m down for that van life on tour!”


Jaime Stilwell Sprinter

Specs: 2019 144 Sprinter Van High Roof 4×4

    ◦    HappiJac motorized bed system

    ◦    Esbar diesel heater

    ◦    Antigravity lithium battery system 200 amp hours

    ◦    Renogy Lithium charging system

    ◦    400W of solar panels with monitoring system

    ◦    2000W pure sine wave inverter

    ◦    Agile Offroad upgraded lifted suspension

    ◦    25-gallon water tank  

    ◦    Onboard water to rinse off

    ◦    Fold up jump seat for additional seating

    ◦    Small galley with sink

    ◦    Small fridge

    ◦    Small microwave

    ◦    Switch pro controller

    ◦    Fiamma manual side awning

    ◦    Custom roof rack

    ◦    LED pod lighting all around

    ◦    LED light bar

    ◦    Max air fan

    ◦    Rear sitting area & table

    ◦    Converts into second bed

    ◦    Kenwood Bluetooth amplifier

    ◦    Four 6 1/2 speakers with an 8” woofer enclosure

    ◦    Custom-built interior and cabinetry

    ◦    Wood-look vinyl flooring

    ◦    Kept factory rear AC system integrated

Work done by After School Customs 

23883 Madison St
Torrance Ca 90505


Jaime Stilwell Sprinter
Jaime Stilwell Sprinter


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