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The Karoo: Adventure Awaits in this Compact Camper

The Karoo: Adventure Awaits in this Compact Camper

The Karoo camper redefines what’s possible in a tiny package. This innovative trailer measures just 16 feet long and weighs a mere 1,600 pounds, making it both easy to tow and maneuver behind most vehicles. But don’t let its size fool you – the Karoo offers surprising spaciousness and versatility.

Step Inside a World of Possibility:

  • Effortless Entry: An ultra-wide side door welcomes you into the Karoo’s main room.
  • Modular Marvel: This space transforms to fit your needs. Configure the layout with a stowable double bed and a bunk bed, ideal for a family of four.
  • Hidden Convenience: When not in use, the beds fold away, revealing ample floor space to store gear – even two upright bicycles!
  • Bathroom Bliss: Tucked behind the built-in refrigerator lies a hidden gem – a full-size bathroom with a shower, toilet, and drying rack.

Kitchen on the Go:

The Karoo takes outdoor cooking to a new level. The cleverly designed kitchen can be used both inside and outside the trailer. Simply slide out the lockable panel at the front for convenient access, perfect for whipping up meals under the stars.

Sustainable Power:

The Karoo is built for off-grid adventures. A 6 kWh lithium-ion battery powers the lights, cooling and heating system, and even charges your tech gadgets and electric bikes.

The Karoo is your gateway to adventure, offering a perfect blend of compact design, comfortable living space, and thoughtful features. It’s everything you need to explore the outdoors in style and comfort. Pre-order now with delivery available in 2026.

KAROO CAMPER Adventure Rigs
KAROO CAMPER Adventure Rigs
KAROO CAMPER Adventure Rigs