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The all-new Toyo Open Country R/T Trail

The all-new Toyo Open Country R/T Trail

Once again, Toyo Tires blazes the trail for others to follow with the launch of their new Open Country R/T Trail.  Bolstering their already proven lineup of off-road tires, Toyo launched the new R/T Trail this past weekend in Big Bear, CA, to coincide with their annual Toyo Tires TrailPass, which is their enthusiast-driven event that gets the outdoor, off-road, and Overlanding communities together for a weekend of camping, workshops and good times. 

The Open Country R/T Trail is an on- and off-road rugged terrain tire that delivers better off-road grip than a traditional all-terrain tire, most evident in sand, mud, and deep snow. With the off-road chops to perform in varying terrain and a comfortable and quiet ride, the Open Country R/T Trail is a hybrid tire positioned between the M/T and A/T product categories and fills a role in between the popular Open Country R/T and best-selling Open Country A/T III. The R/T Trail follows the successful Open Country R/T introduced by Toyo Tires in 2014.

As time progresses, so does tire technology; with these advances, the end user benefits. The new tread design is optimized for durability, traction, and stability, improving grip and performance in wet and dry conditions. The tire features staggered scalloped shoulder blocks and extra-thick sidewall lugs that dig into soft terrain and uneven surfaces. This also gives the tire a modern and aggressive look to match today’s current adventure rigs and complement timeless classic rigs that have had a resurgence in the past couple of years. Additional features contributing to its durability and off-road capabilities include wide circumferential grooves, lateral zig-zag grooves and stone ejectors, 4-way tapered notches, and a rim protector. A heavy gauge sidewall will also help protect from cuts, impacts, and punctures.


We had a chance to meet the team that developed the R/T Trail from the ground up and are pleased to let you know that they are also enthusiasts who hit the trails and listen to feedback from people all over the country. “We are thrilled to announce the all-new Open Country R/T Trail, our latest off-road capable tire,” said Todd Bergeson, Sr. Manager, Product Planning & Technical Services, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. “This exciting new tire was developed in the USA at our White, GA-based R&D facility. Our development team and engineers spent an extensive amount of time “wheeling” with off-road enthusiast clubs across the country while testing in the harshest conditions to ensure we exceed the expectations with our design, capability, and durability.” Researched, designed, and built all in the USA!

The tire will be produced in 47 unique size and load combinations for 16- to 24-inch wheel diameters and up to a 38-inch overall diameter. The line-up includes sizes for modified light trucks and SUVs from makes including Ford, Jeep, and Toyota. The most popular sizes will be available in November, with additional sizes/fitments to follow in subsequent months!


Stay tuned as we’ll also be posting our impressions of the R/T Trail after we log some time on and off the pavement with it. But for now, the most detailed info on the all-new Toyo Open Country R/T Trail rugged-terrain tire can be found at www.toyotires.com/product/open-country-rt-trail


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