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Super73’s New Adventure Series E-Bikes: Explore the Outdoors in Style

Super73’s New Adventure Series E-Bikes: Explore the Outdoors in Style

SUPER73 has launched its new Adventure Series, a line of electric bikes designed to take riders off-road and explore off-pavement in style. Packed with features that make riding more fun and comfortable, these bikes come equipped with front suspension, gripper vinyl seats, a headlight, taillight, fenders, and relocated batteries. The Adventure Series models are also equipped with eight-speed cassettes and off-road tires to enhance their capabilities on varying terrain.

“At SUPER73, we combine thoughtful design with features riders want on our vehicles. It’s a combination of form and function that sets us apart from the competition, and the SUPER73 Adventure Series delivers in spades. We’re excited to announce that the new lineup is available now,” said LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 CEO. “We are huge proponents of listening to our customer feedback, especially from our Super Squad, while understanding the critical details that take our product to the next level. We’re always evolving our product lineup to reach the widest array of riders possible, showcasing a steadfast commitment to current and new customers.”

The SUPER73 Adventure Series is available in three models: the Z Adventure, the S Adventure, and the R Adventure. The Z Adventure is the most affordable model, starting at $2,695. It features front suspension, a front fender, an eight-speed cassette, and a headlight.

The S Adventure is a step up from the Z Adventure, starting at $3,595. It features all of the same features as the Z Adventure, plus an off-road style front and rear fender, relocated battery on the down tube of the frame, and an extended seat. The R Adventure is the flagship model, starting at $3,995. It features everything the Z and S models come standard with, plus fully adjustable front and rear suspension and an aggressive look that takes riders’ fun and adventure to the next level.

In addition to the Adventure Series lineup, SUPER73 has also announced new colorways for their non-adventure series lineup. They’ve unveiled a new metallic aluminum color and updated the Z and S series with new satin finishes.

For more information on the Adventure Series lineup and other SUPER73 products, check them out at www.super73.com and follow them on social media @super73.