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Scale Your Adventure | RC Crawlers

Scale Your Adventure | RC Crawlers


We’re currently having fun with RC cars, and have noticed that many overlanders are doing the same! RC Crawlers are fantastic for bringing on adventures to kill time during breaks or explore your camping area and trails. There are diff erent styles and levels of crawler builds. On these pages, we’ll show you a little of what people are building – from ready-to-run RCs to competition builds and even exactly scale replica builds.

When you start, companies like Traxxas , Axial and Element off er great ready-to-run (RTR) kits to get you out on the trails and having fun. But when you are ready for the next level, there is aftermarket low center of gravity chassis (LCG) options you can upgrade to add in a set of high-clearance links and some brass parts to add weight where you want it. These are usually Comp car builds, where you run essential performance parts, but it doesn’t always have the true scale look. Crawlers aren’t race cars, but you can upgrade to some nice high-powered systems. However, you’ll mainly use it to be smooth, but they still give you power when using high-over-drive gearing.


True scale-style builds. These are hard-body builds with all the details to match a full-size vehicle. These may not handle as well but are show-stoppers thanks to the intricate details. There’s a style for everyone, which is why many overlanders have taken up this RC hobby.


Just like their real life counterparts are made to overcome obstacles other RC cars wouldn’t manage. They are often customized with Low Center of Gravity (LCG) chassis that are often made from carbon fi ber for weight reduction and rigidity as well as lowering the center of gravity of the rig for better performance.


Rigs are built for fun and/or competition. If competing there are 3 main classes with diff erent requirements.


Kits are great for beginners to get started in the hobby. All you need to do is take it out of the box, plug in the battery and go for it. They are also easily upgradable/customizable.


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