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Rodeo x Rigs Volume 9: Dos Lagos, Corona, CA

Rodeo x Rigs Volume 9: Dos Lagos, Corona, CA

Rodeo x Rigs is more than just a quarterly event; it has grown into a community in the overlanding and off-roading scenes. What started as a small gathering among enthusiasts is now a highly anticipated event in all of California. Each edition sees hundreds of vehicle entries and eager fans waiting to indulge in a family fun event that caters to all. 

For their last event at Dos Lagos in Corona on April 27th, the Rodeo x Rigs crew filled the shopping center with rigs, food trucks, and sponsor booths, in addition to raising funds for a local charity, “Friends of Leaps and Bounds.” For Volume 9, 900+ rigs showcased their goods, while the BMX demos were a massive hit with spectators. They raised more than $7,000 for “Friends of Leaps and Bounds,” who happened to be based out of the Dos Lagos shopping center.  Each Rodeo x Rigs is tied to a non-profit, and the team of founders chooses it. Some are personal, and others are selected based on the community or location of the event. 


In the past, charities have focused on autism, multiple sclerosis, and holiday toys for kids. Still, the one that came close to home was the Rodeo x Rigs event a year ago that was dedicated to the Lymphoma Society after one of its founding members, Jason Flores, was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. 


While undergoing his battle, Jason hesitated to pause Rodeo x Rigs events despite everyone around him recommending he take a break from planning. “I didn’t want to let the community down,” he confesses. “I also needed something to keep me going as I was undergoing chemotherapy and needed something to hold on to as I felt everything was being taken away from me. You need that one thing to dive deep in your fight, and luckily for me, that was the event. I would channel what I was going through and just give it my all.”


The event at Rodeo x Rigs Vol 6 held at Toyota of Ontario was more than successful as it helped him at his lowest points. But during that time, he didn’t want to make his diagnosis known and only confided in his team members and closest friends. While the event took a lot out of him, the passion he had (and still has) for the community helped him fight even in his darkest days. He recalls being tired and ill for that one event but wouldn’t have had it any other way. “I remember literally having had chemo a few days before the big day and everyone telling me not to go, but I had to. After the event, I went home and slept for about 18 hours straight. I knew I didn’t want to let the community down.”


Thankfully, Jason has been in remission for the past year and has yet to slow down. He’s been busy focusing on growing Rodeo x Rigs and is gearing up for their next event on June 6th in Northern California in Vallejo. 


The community is better because of his efforts and passion for the fans, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rodeo x Rigs and Jason himself. He’s a fighter and an inspiration to us all!



@Thatonegurlstaco Miami Blue Toyota Tacoma

Words:TiffanyNguyen @Thatonegurlstaco    Photographer:Daniel @Iamdanimal & Helbert  @Abbo85_ My name is Tiffany, and I live in Southern California. I am a Product Specialist/Internet sales manager at a luxury brand dealership within

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