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RIGID Industries Presents: 10 Amber Lighting Benefits For Off-Roading

RIGID Industries Presents: 10 Amber Lighting Benefits For Off-Roading

When you’re off-roading at night, you want maximum visibility, which is why proper lighting is vital to any off-roader or overlanding rig. But did you know that some lighting solutions are better than others? One of the preferred lighting setups to add to your rig is amber lights.

Amber lights, known as “amber lighting” or “amber-colored lights,” emit a yellow or orange-yellow hue. These lights are commonly used in various applications, especially off-roading and overlanding, for specific purposes due to their distinct color and characteristics. 

Wondering how amber lighting benefits your off-roading and overlanding adventures? RIGID Industries presents 10 ways amber lights are beneficial for off-roading enthusiasts:

  1. Improved Visibility in Adverse Conditions: Amber light is less affected by atmospheric conditions like fog, rain, and dust than white light. This makes seeing the terrain and obstacles easier, enhancing safety during off-road adventures in challenging weather.
  2. Reduced Glare: Amber lights for off-roading produce less glare, which can help prevent blinding reflections off obstacles like rocks and tree branches, making it easier to maintain good visibility without discomfort. RIGID created their Amber Pro LED Off-Road Lights to prevent eye fatigue and strain after dark when out on the trails. 
  3. Enhanced Depth Perception: Amber light helps improve depth perception, making it easier to judge the distance to obstacles, potholes, or changes in terrain, reducing the risk of accidents, which is very useful when you’re out on tricky terrain.
  4. Minimal Light Pollution: Amber light emits less pollution than white light. This is particularly important when off-roading in natural and remote areas, as it reduces the impact on wildlife and maintains a more natural nighttime environment.
  5. Less Attraction to Insects: Amber light is less attractive to insects than white or blue light, reducing the annoyance of bugs gathering around the lights during off-roading trips.
  6. Preservation of Night Vision: Amber light is less likely to disrupt night vision, which is essential for maintaining visibility in low-light conditions or transitioning from well-lit areas to darker off-road trails. RIGID Amber Pro lights feature 114,202 peak intensity for maximum light output, which helps preserve proper color vision for safety when approaching other drivers. 
  7. Specific Lighting Needs: Amber lights can be strategically used for particular purposes, such as rock crawling or trail spotting, where softer, less glaring light is preferred for precision driving and obstacle navigation.
  8. Compliance with Regulations: In some areas, amber lights may be required or preferred to comply with off-road regulations or to ensure safety during group off-roading events.
  9. Aesthetic Appeal: Many off-road enthusiasts appreciate the unique and distinctive appearance of amber lighting, which can add a customized and rugged look to their rigs.
  10. Versatility: Amber lights can be combined with other types of off-road lighting, such as white LED light bars or spotlights, to provide a versatile and unique lighting setup that caters to different driving conditions and preferences. When choosing amber lights for off-roading, you should consider certain factors, such as the type of terrain you’ll encounter, weather conditions, and specific lighting needs to optimize your off-road experience. 

To maximize your off-roading experience, RIGID Industries created an entire amber light series for various applications. Their Amber Pro LED Off-Road Lights are designed to provide superior performance in harsh environments. Whether hitting the trails or working in challenging conditions, the Amber PRO is the perfect lighting solution to own the night!


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