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Reviver Digitalizes Your License Plate

Reviver Digitalizes Your License Plate

Reviver, the trailblazing company responsible for ushering the license plate into the digital age, has presented the world with the game-changing RPlate®. These futuristic license plates bring a wealth of technological advantages to the table, effortlessly eclipsing their traditional metal counterparts. Prepare for a driving experience like never before, replete with automatic tag renewals and a remarkable capacity to deter plate and tag theft.

Currently, the Reviver digital license plate holds legal status in just three states: California, Arizona, and Michigan. You can choose between two RPlate models: the battery-powered and wired versions. In a departure from the traditional system of upfront registration payment for metal plates, RPlate owners can now opt for monthly or annual payment plans. Prices for both the battery-powered and wired RPlates start at $599, and the options for self-installation are available. However, for the wired plate, professional installation is a must, with an additional $150 fee. Both versions offer drivers seamless control over their plates through a user-friendly app.

Ruggedness is the name of the game with the RPlate®. Designed to endure weather extremes and the harshest driving conditions, it boasts a lens that’s a whopping 5 times stronger than glass. High-impact collisions and exposure to temperatures ranging from a bone-chilling minus 40 to a scorching 176 degrees Fahrenheit are no match for the RPlate’s remarkable durability. Welcome to the future of license plates.