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PURE 4×4 Basecamp 4.0

PURE 4×4 Basecamp 4.0

words: Philip Isidro

Photos: Philip Isidro

We can’t believe this is already the 4th installment of the Basecamp series of events. It seems the older we get the faster time just seems to be flying!
Let’s start off by thanking the AWESOME attendees who once again came near and far to join us. It’s truly amazing hearing everyone’s origins and also their story on how they heard about us and why they decided to go. It’s also equally as dope seeing our guests wearing older event merch even dating back to the OG Basecamp 1.0 days!

The PURE team killed it (once again) for the event, making sure everything ran smoothly. The PURE volunteers and security team also did a fantastic job at execution. The performance and live music from Rob (@lootchi_916) and DJ PointDex (@soundphyzics) was a hit and lit the barn with tunes all weekend long. For BC4, we added a few awards to hand out, and our very own Hung Nguyen (@trd_black_pro) deservingly received the “BASECAMP MVP” award for his outstanding leadership and contributions to the group and event as a whole. Congrats again, Hung!

And last but not least, we’d would like to thank all the sponsors and vendors for continuing to support and believe in us! Bay Area Metal Fab (@bayareametalfab) was BC4’s official title sponsor and has been supporting Basecamp event since day one of Basecamp 1.0. Hats off to you, Jerry, for everything you do not only for the team, but the whole 4×4 community! Also thank you to Baja Designs (Kyle and Bill were seriously the coolest dudes), DuroBumps, Stellar Built, CVC Tuning, ShiftPod, YotaMafia, Sherpa, VEX Motorsports (y’all are crazy!!), SDI, Factor55, and the rest of the wonderful vendors! Shout out Phil with Sierra Valley Basecamp (@sierravalleybasecamp) for having the team at the ranch once again!

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