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Oracle Lighting Shines Bright on Our Jeep Gladiator Build

Oracle Lighting Shines Bright on Our Jeep Gladiator Build

Let your light shine! 

In our effort to equip our Jeep Gladiator Mojave with “everything you need, nothing you don’t,” we contacted the team over at Oracle Lighting. They have many great lighting options for the Jeep Gladiator, and we used some items to give us functional lighting upgrades without going over the top.

The first upgrade we installed was their Flush Mounted LED Tail Lights and Rear Bumper Reverse Lights. If you are familiar with the Gladiator, you know the factory tail lights are not the best looking, and they can snag on things on tight trails. The Oracle upgrade tail lights improve the looks and follow the body line to eliminate the possibility of a rogue branch damaging your light.

Also, the Gladiator comes with backup lights that are less than ideal. So, Oracle matches their upgraded tail lights with a rear bumper reverse light that replaces a factory reflector. Take a look at the before and after below, and we think you will agree that this is an upgrade that every Gladiator owner should consider.

Next, we wanted to add some ditch lights, which are critical when driving off-road at night. Because the Gladiator is a Mojave, we needed special ditch light mounts as the hood is unique from a standard Gladiator and Wrangler. Fortunately, Quadratec carries a special ditch mount made by KC HILITES. We then connected the Oracle VEGA Series 4 LED Pod Spotlights.

These compact lights not only look great but also produce terrific light output and appear very durable. The connection points were all high quality and should weather well in any climate and weather. The specs on these lights are listed below.

VEGA 40W Series 4 Features:
– Intense 4,000 Raw Lumen light output
– Focused Spot-Light with over 1000’ projection
– Unique and Versatile Patent-Pending Design
– Designed and Engineered in the USA
– Powder coated aluminum construction
– Integrated Deutsch DT Plug and 2’ Whip
– 5 Year Replacement Warranty

In addition to the ditch lights, we wanted to add some low-mounted amber lighting for foggy or bad visibility situations. The Mojave has a factory mounted skid plate up front to protect the remote shock reservoirs, so we had to do some modifying to achieve what we wanted. Fortunately, Oracle makes a Skid Plate With LED Emitter set-up. We had to modify the two LED emitters outside, but this system gave us the look and functionality we wanted. 

We loved the Oracle VEGA Series 4 LED Pod Spotlights on the front so much that we decided to mount an additional four units to our cap top ARE Ascend Basket. We wanted a right spotlight, a left spotlight, and two rear-facing amber marker lights. The amber lights are the same units with the addition of a secure snap-on lens cover.

Overall, we wanted a clean install that wouldn’t be up in the wind, creating noise and whistling. They mounted perfectly with the side spots mounting inside the basket and shining through a screened section of the basket.

To control all these lights, we chose the Garmin PowerSwich to control the entire system. Suppose you are not familiar with this system. In that case, it enables you to wirelessly control all your 12v accessories from a clean controller via an app on your phone or Garmin Tread and other Garmin devices!

This eliminates running wires through the firewall, and with the PowerSwitch mobile app, it even shows up on your vehicle screen as part of Apple CarPlay. Once we used this, it is hard to imagine ever returning to physical switches and running wires through the dash.

Finally, we would be remiss not to give a massive shout-out to John Baker and the team at Baker’s 4WD in Mantua, Ohio. They did an installation that looks great and takes the term “attention to detail” to the next level. Thank you for the great install!

Baker's 4WD in Many, Ohio