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Nissan’s Pole To Pole Ariya EV Exploration North American Edition

Nissan’s Pole To Pole Ariya EV Exploration North American Edition

Back in February, Nissan’s adventure-ready Ariya was unveiled for their epic Pole to Pole expedition with adventurers Chris and Julie Ramsey. The adventure began as a 27,000km trip from the magnetic North Pole and end at the South Pole (through North, Central and South America). It officially kicked off back in March. The British couple started in the Arctic and are currently on the second leg of their adventure as they’ve reached the west coast seaport of Vancouver, Canada, on their way south to Antarctica’s South Pole (which they plan to hit in December). They’ve also traveled west through Portland, OR, down to Los Angeles, CA, and made their way to Mexico via Texas.

Having spent several months navigating the vast yet isolating Arctic, Chris & Julie were thrilled to be greeted by the Nissan Canada team who had arranged a public Pole to Pole EV event. This was their first chance to share their Arctic tales with other like-minded EV enthusiasts and display the Expedition Ariya for the crowd to enjoy. The Pole to Pole team made a final pit stop in West Vancouver. During their stop, they fitted a THULE roof top tent (including a thick, comfy mattress!). This easy modification to their adaptable home on the road ensured they were ready to continue their journey across the US with the thought of a good night’s sleep ahead.

No vehicle has ever completed the journey between these extremes of the globe and the Pole to Pole team is undertaking the challenge in a 100% electric vehicle. Chris and Julie have embarked on the journey to show just how capable and exciting electric vehicles can be, with the hope to accelerate their adoption to help against the climate crisis.

As the couple travels through the remote polar regions, they will tow an innovative renewable energy unit, which includes an extendable wind turbine and foldable solar panels. The prototype will take advantage of the expected high winds and long daylight hours, harnessing the natural energy to charge the Ariya’s battery, whilst Chris and Julie take manywell-earned breaks from driving in the challenging environment. The team hope the charging innovation can have a positive legacy by inspiring a transition to electric vehicles for future polar exploration.

Stay tuned for more updates on their adventures through the landscapes of Mexico and beyond by following on @poletopoleev or visiting the blog at poletopoleev.com