MOKWheel Introduces Basalt and Basalt ST: World’s First Power Station E-Bikes for Unmatched Outdoor Adventures!

MOKWheel Introduces Basalt and Basalt ST: World’s First Power Station E-Bikes for Unmatched Outdoor Adventures!

Mokwheel, a trailblazing force in the electric bike realm, introduces its revolutionary Basalt and Basalt ST models—the World’s First Power Station E-Bikes. Engineered to elevate your outdoor escapades to unprecedented heights, these state-of-the-art e-bikes place sustainability at the forefront.

Embraced by campers, beach enthusiasts, and lovers of the great outdoors, adventure e-bikes have quickly gained an immense following. Equipped with Mokwheel’s robust 1,000W Inverter and fortified by Samsung cell batteries powered by Texas Instruments BMS, the Basalt and Basalt ST offer more than just a thrilling ride. They provide the convenience of charging appliances on the move. Riders can also tap into the limitless power of solar energy, fostering renewable energy generation and ensuring a perpetually charged bike, all at no additional cost.

These innovative models are not only all-terrain e-bikes but also your best power backup. With a simple maneuver, riders can remove the inverter and connect it to the removable battery, harnessing the power stored within. They have multiple socket charging ports such as a DC Port, AC outlets, Type-C, and USB connections. The 960Wh battery capacity and 1,000W peak output ensure your devices are fully charged at all times, even outdoors.

Curious about the specifications? The Basalt and Basalt ST boast an impressive range of 60-80 miles per charge, thanks to their lithium-ion battery—the Samsung 48V 19.6Ah. These powerhouses are capable of carrying up to 400 lbs of weight, accommodating riders of various sizes and ensuring almost everyone can have fun without limits. The Basalt ST’s Step-Through design suits individuals aged 40-70, including those with weight or knee concerns.

The robust 750W motor offers exhilarating power and agility, propelling riders across any terrain with ease and efficiency, combined with torque sensors to make the riding experience even better. The sensors provide a more natural feel by adjusting assistance levels according to the rider’s effort, giving a more intuitive ride and improving the bike’s electric motor efficiency.

To guarantee an impeccable experience for riders, each bike undergoes rigorous testing procedures. Mokwheel’s team leaves no stone unturned, ensuring that every component runs seamlessly without any defects before it reaches its destination. Through strict performance tests and anti-drop evaluations, any potential shipping issues are effectively eliminated, ensuring that the bike arrives in optimal condition.

Armed with these groundbreaking models, Mokwheel embarks on a journey of adventure, sustainability, and innovation. As riders set out on their outdoor escapades, they embrace the unmatched capabilities of their power station e-bikes, enjoying the freedom to explore while being powered by renewable energy. It’s a testament to Mokwheel’s vision of a more sustainable and exhilarating outdoor experience. Check out the Basalts and their complete lineup of e-bikes at www.mokwheel.com.

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