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Keep a warm dusk feel wherever you are with a BioLite

Keep a warm dusk feel wherever you are with a BioLite

One of nature’s most beautiful phenomena is seeing that dazzling reddish glow near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains. It’s a picture-perfect moment that translates to how majestic Earth is. What causes this to happen is reflected sunlight. When the sun is below the horizon, sunlight has no direct path reaching a mountain. So the light that causes alpenglow is reflected off various things like airborne perceptions, ice crystals or particulates in the lower atmosphere. 

You can mimic the reddish glow on your camping or overlanding adventures with BioLite’s AlpenGlow Lanterns. The AlpenGlow 500 is a rechargeable lantern that delivers a dusk or daylight feel inspired by nature. Featuring high-efficiency ChromaReal LED technology, accurately renders the colors in your environment with the glow of warm natural light. 

Feeling more color options? Shake the lantern for an instant rotation of mesmerizing color. Offering both ambient and task-based light, AlpenGlow 500 is ready for the backyard or the backcountry. Like the 500 unit, the AlpenGlow 250 is a rechargeable lantern that delivers ambient and task-based lighting, also inspired by nature, but only has 250 lumens. Both feature various lighting modes, including dimmable cool and warm, candle flicker, single color, multicolor and cycling color modes.

AlpenGlow 250

AlpenGlow 500