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KC HiLiTES Introduces The New SLIMLITE 8 LED

KC HiLiTES Introduces The New SLIMLITE 8 LED

KC Hilites has introduced something special for all you road warriors and adventure seekers: the new  KC SlimLite 8”. It’s more than just a new member of their SlimLite family; it’s their promise to everyone who lives life on the move — whether you’re decking out your van, Jeep, classic Toyota truck, tow rig, or full-size truck.

Designed with care and precision, the SlimLite® 8 is a blend of innovation and style, perfectly tuned to the needs of those who crave adventure and demand performance:

● Direct Front Cooling Design: A breath of fresh air for relentless performance. 

● Slim Profile: Elegance meets functionality, designed to seamlessly blend with your vehicle’s aesthetics.

● Timeless Styling: A nod to the classics, reimagined for the modern voyager.

● Full-Size Product: Robust and ready, no matter the size of your adventure.

● Power In, Water Out: An innovative wiring plug built directly into the housing features MoistureBlock® technology. This keeps all the bad stuff out while ensuring the SlimLite 8″ maintains a secure and weather-proof connection despite what the trails throw at you.

The SlimLite 8″ combines a full-size yet slim design with best-in-class brightness. Blasting 12,384 lumens, it’s a perfect fit for any off-road adventure in full-size trucks, vans, or Jeeps. This light is all about maximum visibility and iconic styling. Engineered for the rugged, the SlimLite 8″ features a durable polycarbonate lens embedded within a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum housing. Whether dust, rocks, or branches, this light is built to endure and light everything in your path. 



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