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Where aircraft lighting and dirt meet, the sum of these two parts equals KC HiLiTES, the originators of the off-road light.

When founder Pete Brown blew past a sharp turn while camping in Parker, Arizona in the late 1960s, he went on a path to create a lighting solution for vehicle lighting that changed the game. From initially making lights for friends then expanding further into off-road races, his garage workshop became the initial assembly headquarters for KC. As the company grew, Pete decided to purchase land in Williams, AZ. From there, he broke ground on the present headquarters and production facility. To this day, the KC building is tucked away in the pine tree-lined countryside of Williams – off Interstate 40 Highway. On occasions (post-COVID), walk-ins and tours are available Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm MST. Throughout the years, detailed development, constant refinement, dependability, and reliability are the pillars that have kept the KC brand moving forward 50 years later. The team at KC is focused on illuminating life’s adventure and the products they seek to create are deeply rooted in their heritage. KC is based on a legacy design ethos fused with modern design technology. They have been synonymous with off-road racing since its inception. Racers have relied on KC to cross the finish line in Baja, Dakar, and every finish line in which rubber touches dirt. From Walker Evans to Ivan Stewart to Rob MacCachren, these legends continue to trust the brand to show them the checkered flag when the sunsets. Beyond the checkered flag, KC has become beloved by a family of outdoor adventure seekers, who use their vehicles to get to the roads less traveled and the locations unseen by those with conventional means of travel. This combo of Overlanders, trail runners, and rock crawlers trust KC to help them through the silty forest roads and obstacles on their way to majestic and awe-inspiring locations.

The legacy of generational connection behind the scenes at KC has been continued in 2016 by Alan, his father Mike, and brother Andy. The new owners sought to take the legacy formed by Pete Brown and take it into the next era of lighting for the company while focusing on the growth of its employees at the same time. Hitting the ground running, products such as the initial FLEX series and PRO-6 Gravity Bar set the tone for what was being brought to the table and the industry has taken notice with KC hitting record numbers in the past 2 years.  With an all-hands on deck crew united around the mission to shock and awe the offroad space with innovation, quality, performance, and all the while maintaining affordability for any level of enthusiast, KC is set for another 50 years of helping the outdoor world Adventure Further. 


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