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Introducing the Perfect Size Pelican 1595 Air Case: Waterproof, Crushproof, and Dustproof

Introducing the Perfect Size Pelican 1595 Air Case: Waterproof, Crushproof, and Dustproof

Pelican has introduced its latest addition to the Air Case series, the Pelican 1595 Air Case. This case is designed to offer the perfect size- not too small, and not too large- making it a suitable option for those who require a larger case than a carry-on without unnecessary weight. With external measurements of 28″L x 18″W x 9.5″D and internal measurements of 25.6″L x 15″W x 9″D, the 1595 Air case is larger than the 1535 Air carry-on case and smaller than the 1615 Air check-in case.

As with other cases in the Air series, 1595 is waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof, with IP67 and MIL-SPEC certification. This case features a range of useful functionalities, including an automatic pressure equalization valve, Press & Pull latches, a retractable extension trolley handle, a fold-down over-molded handle, quiet stainless-steel ball bearing wheels, and a business card holder. The case is available with and without foam and with Pelican’s exclusive TrekPak divider system.

The 1595 Air case is made of super-light proprietary HPX² Polymer for up to 40% less weight than regular polymer cases. This makes it highly portable and easy to transport. Air cases offer protection for a wide range of gear, including cameras, sensitive equipment, camping, and travel gear. Available in long, deep, and long/deep sizes, Pelican Air cases are the toughest and lightest cases Pelican has to offer.

Later this year, the 1595TRVL Air travel case will be launched. The travel version includes travel-inspired internal organization. To find out more about the Pelican 1595 Air Case, visit pelican.com.



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