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It seems there really is an app for anything, including your Toyota Tacoma’s suspension! ICON Vehicle Dynamics latest application added to its line of CDEV & IIC offerings with the release of the IIC Install Kit for 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma.

ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) is a computer that monitors, analyzes, and processes data in real-time. Information from the onboard G-force sensor and Gyroscope perform calculations based on algorithms and user-defined settings to predict terrain and wheel position. IIC has the capability to collect information at more than 1,000 times per second, process the data and make adjustments, then deliver those changes to Compression Damping Electronic Valve (CDEV) in the shock absorbers in under 40 milliseconds. IIC also works as a data driver to connect the user to ICON’s proprietary mobile App interface for monitoring and adjusting shock settings. The IIC is mounted to the 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma using application-specific mounting brackets, hardware and wire harnesses, ensuring an easy and clean-looking install.

The IIC App brings all of this technology together by offering a user-friendly interface to monitor, record, and adjust the system’s performance via Bluetooth connection. Users can easily alter the shocks’ baseline settings for firmness, as well as adjust the sensitivity of vertical “G-Boost” and lateral “Corner Boost” with a few simple taps from their favorite iOS device. The App includes several pre-configured ‘Drive Modes’ (Normal, Desert, and Haul), but also offers the ability for users to create an unlimited number of unique presets using their own custom settings. To top it all off, you can record data from your trip including time, speed, distance and G-Forces for your very own ICONIC Overview.

The beauty of the IIC and CDEV system is that it seamlessly adjusts all of the shocks to their ideal setting for any given terrain or driving style without ever having to take your eyes off of the road or trail. For example, if you’re blasting down a high-speed washboard road and suddenly come across a larger obstacle, the system will automatically increase shock damping to help absorb the impact. Conversely, if you’ve just completed a fast, rough section of trail and things start to slow down, the system will reduce shock damping to provide a compliant and comfortable ride. Whether it’s hardcore off-road performance, smooth on-road comfort, or anywhere in between, IIC and CDEV have you covered for every situation.


  • Offers selectable active shock damping adjustment as well as manual adjustment of baseline settings without exiting vehicle
  • Onboard sensors monitor G-forces and movement of vehicle chassis
  • Performs calculations based on sensor inputs, custom algorithms, and user defined settings at a rate of over 1000 times per second
  • Sends necessary damping adjustments to CDEV shocks that react in under 40 milliseconds
  • User interface provided by IIC Mobile App via Bluetooth connection to iOS device
  • Mobile app offers preconfigured “Drive Modes” as well as the ability to create custom presets
  • Also functions as a data logger for time, speed, distance, and G-force allowing you to record data from your trips
  • Application specific mounting brackets, hardware and wire harnesses


  • Also requires installation of CDEV front shocks (Part# 58735E) and CDEV rear shocks (Part# 57826EP)
  • Fitment for existing parts numbers 58735E and 57826EP has been updated from 2016-UP Toyota Tacomas to 2005-UP Toyota Tacomas
  • Not compatible with 2005-2015 2WD 5-Lug Toyota Tacoma models

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