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Hypertech REACT™ Throttle Optimizer

Hypertech REACT™ Throttle Optimizer

Introducing REACT™, Hypertech’s groundbreaking throttle optimizer that seamlessly merges its renowned engineering expertise with thrilling performance enhancements. With REACT, you gain complete, personalized control over your vehicle’s throttle response.

A user-friendly control knob empowers you to swiftly transition between various modes and fine-tune the throttle’s responsiveness at your convenience. Installing REACT is a breeze, requiring no disassembly due to its automatic setup sequence. It even includes a magnetic A/C vent mount, all while keeping your factory warranty intact.

Additionally, the REACT is internet-updateable, ensuring longevity and optimal performance. You can choose from three (3) versions of the REACT throttle optimizer to cater to your specific driving requirements: Performance, Off-Road, and Tow.

Once the installation is complete, the REACT Throttle Optimizer is ready for action. It grants you full control over your vehicle’s throttle response, thanks to an intuitive control knob that facilitates seamless mode switching and intensity adjustments on the fly. A simple press of the knob switches between drive mode curves, while rotating the knob upward amplifies throttle intensity, and turning it downward reduces it. To enact a new selection, ensure your pedal position is below a safe threshold.

Hypertech’s REACT Off-Road Version was developed specifically to offer throttle curves specifically for the off-road enthusiast in mind. Our Engineers jumped at the chance to tailor the throttle response curves for the off-road because they’re enthusiasts too! The MUD/SAND curve brings the power on quickly to help clear the tires out and get you going. The CRAWL curve smooths the pedal response to allow even power delivery over the roughest terrain. The STREET and ECONOMY curves allow you to make the best of your rig on the street , too.

REACT Throttle Optimizer


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