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Get Up And Go: The Girgis’ 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

Get Up And Go: The Girgis’ 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor

Owner: Matt & Sarah Girgis
Instagram: @radmedia.co
Photographer: Matt & Sarah Girgis

Hi, I’m Matt and my wife and I, Sara, are from Corona, CA. We are photographers and videographers. We’ve been shooting for magazines, company catalogs, weddings, and events for the past 7 years. We both have families growing up that would go RV/Trailer camping out in the desert with UTVs. Essentially, we both wanted to see destinations that most wouldn’t be able to visit or see. The concept of overlanding really grabbed our attention and quickly became our passion. The adventure of overlanding itself drew us in. The community has also played a significant role in it. 

The First

Sarah and I have been photographing and filming cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and their components for the past seven years. We’ve also built a 2017 Chevy Colorado Prerunner/Overland Build showcased in many magazines and events. It was our first off-road/overland build. We loved the suspension on the truck and the overall functionality and look of the truck. However, we needed more power and additional space for all our gear.

Brappie is Born 

We call the Bronco Raptor “Brappie” because it’s catchy and plays off of the Braptor name (haha). We chose the Bronco Raptor specifically for the larger twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine and Fox Live Valve system since we knew we needed a vehicle to “get up and go.” Since we also shoot coverage for tours such as van trips and need to pass 30+ vans on a trip, having the horsepower and suspension to pass the group quickly helps us capture more of the group. 

We’re always looking for a vehicle or brand that answers our needs. Essentially having a unique Fox Live Valve suspension with lockers and sway bar disconnects with all the comfortable amenities, we decided to purchase the Bronco Raptor as an easy one. We are big fans of the Bronco and Raptor vehicles, so when the Bronco Raptor came out, it pulled us in to make the decision.

A large portion of the build focuses on our needs and being able to handle the high-speed and long offroad trips we take our vehicles on. We primarily build out each of our vehicles to support our media business. Being able to store and charge our gear and get us through remote destinations.

The quick pop-up rooftop tent from Roam and everything easily accessible mounted on the Goosegear and American Adventure Labs shelf have made our workflow much more manageable. We went with Radius Outfitters for interior storage because of its modularity and ability to store our camera gear.

We do most of the installs and wiring ourselves besides tire install/alignment. We also made a custom aluminum battery box for the 200Ah battery bolted under the vehicle. This was crucial for us to fit a large enough battery to power all our camera gear, Starlink, and fridge. The biggest challenge was to build the whole Bronco in less than a month for an extensive one-week media trip to cover a 600+ mile Sprinter Van Overland Trip to shoot coverage on it. Soon after that, we got word that this Bronco would be in SEMA and also on a TV show!

The Faves 

  1. The SDI ECLICK system has been a very nice upgrade for us in electronically adjusting the rear suspension for all the added load on our trips.
  2. The Otzi gear in the back has accommodated a lot of added storage for us.
  3. We love our Apex Valve Deflators in airing down our Maxxis RZR MTs within seconds.
  4. Our TrailRax TRMR Rack has been crucial in holding down our Roam Tent and Awning through all the rugged terrain we put them through. 
  5. The combination of the Goosegear and American Adventure Lab shelf has been excellent in adding all the storage and holding down our Iceco 60L fridge, recovery gear, and electronics.

The following steps are to upgrade the suspension to billet control arms and tie-rod ends in case we do more complex rock crawling. Essentially, a heavier-duty spring in the rear and tuning the suspension slightly more for the added weight will be great.

The Best Memories

Since we haven’t had the vehicle long, our Eastern Sierras trip for one week was an absolute blast to test the new vehicle and make any notes on improvements. But we love Utah. The views, scenery, and camping locations felt like being in a whole other world than our usual desert/mountain spots in California.

Prep & Pack

We often build our routes with OnX Offroad. We keep the weather and seasons at the top of our list to reference when choosing a location. The last thing we would want is camping in the path of a flash flood or wildfire.  We have a Garmin Inreach to use for emergencies. Our second option is Starlink if we don’t need immediate assistance and the iPhone’s SOS feature. It doesn’t hurt to have these forms of communication since we’ve been in groups where these tools have been crucial. 

SPECS: 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor 

Vehicle Specs 

  • Wheels and Tires: Fifteen52, Range HD, 17×8.5 with Maxxis, RZR MT, 37×12.50 tires
  • Powertrain:Twin Turbo 3.0L V6 (418HP, 440 pound-feet of Torque)
  • Drivetrain: 10-speed automatic (0-60 in 5.6seconds)
  • Suspension &Brakes: Bronco’s High-Performance Offroad Stability Suspension (Hoss 4.0) contains Fox Live Valve Shocks. The brakes are the stock brakes that are a little larger than the normal Broncos.
  • Armor, Bumpers, Sliders: DV8 Front Bumper, DV8 Rear Bumper, Raptor Steps
  • Exterior Mods: ADV 4.5” Bronco Raptor Fenders, ClearPlex windshield protection, New wrap by Daley Visual and PPF
  • Lighting, Roof – Pro6 Light bar, Ditch Lights – KC FE4, Fog Lights – KC FE3 SAE, Rock Lights – Cyclone V2,bRear Light – KC Chase Bar
  • Recovery Gear: Deadman Offroad 30ft Kinetic Rope, Soft Shackles, and recovery anchor, DV8 Offroad 12,000 lb winch with Factor 55 Ultrahook, Maxtrax, Krazy beaver shovel, ProEagle 1.5ton jack
  • Gear Storage, Organization, Roof Rack, Bed Rack: Roam Adventure Co 95L Case on the rear Otzi Gear, Radius Outfitters Gear Box for camp gear and camera gear., American Adventure Lab rear shelf, TrailRax TRMR Roof Rack with side PakRax to hold the Roam Adventure Co RTT, Awning, and RotoPax
  • Electronics, Communication, In-Cabin Accessory Mounts: Midland MXT575 GMRS Radio, DV8 Center Console Molle Panel, 67designs bronco rail to hold the Midland Radio PTT and iPhone
  • Audio, Multimedia, Entertainment Electronics: 10-speaker B&O sound system 
  • Camping Gear: Roam Adventure Co Desperado RTT, Roam Adventure Co 270 Awning, Sunflare 185W Solar, Victron 1200W inverter, Engine Charger, and Solar Charger, Antigravity 200Ah Lithium Deep Cell Battery
  • Camp Kitchen Gear: Black stone griddle, Iceco 60L Fridge
  • Miscellaneous Gear: H3r Performance fire extinguisher