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Fastball Jimco “Dragon” All-Wheel Drive Trophy Truck

Fastball Jimco “Dragon” All-Wheel Drive Trophy Truck

Photos: Madmedia

Words: Staff

The New Fastball Jimco “Dragon” All-Wheel Drive Trophy Truck

Jimco has launched the new “Dragon” All-Wheel drive trophy truck platform, and their Chassis #001 of the “Dragon” platform is a new ground-up design by Jimco, and then custom-built for LA Dodgers owner and avid off-road racer Bobby Patton.

The “Dragon” moves to capitalize on the benefits of the extreme acceleration and grip that the all-wheel drive platforms are known for. Part trophy truck, partly rally car, the “Dragon” features a specifically engineered CAD-verified front engine chassis design with a wheelbase of 125” and a track width of 93” to maximize horsepower to the ground, giving the driver unrivaled acceleration.

The “Dragon’s” drivetrain features the perfectly matched duo of the Xtrac 5-speed wide cluster sequential transmission with an integral transfer case matched to an Xtrac Spool Type CTR Torque Split front diff. Powered by a massive Dougans Custom 555 ci Big Block 8 Stack V8 Engine Package pushing out 1050 hp with 850 ft-lbs of torque. All of this is achieved while still maintaining 24” of travel in the front and 32” of travel in the rear.

The distillation of over 40 years of off-road warfare, the “Dragon” defines the new pinnacle of off-road racing performance. The build was revealed at the legendary Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, named “Blue Heaven on Earth” by baseball legend Tommy Lasorda as a nod to the owner and connection to the 7x World Series champions the LA Dodgers.


ECU: MoTeC M190 ECU engine management system

 Wiring+Prog James Lin 

Transmission: XTrac 5 Speed Sequential w/converter 

Shifting Paddle, James Lin, OMP Wheel Front Diff Xtrac 

Rear Diff Gearworks

Rear Housing ID Designs 

Portal Hubs ID Designs 

Front Suspension: (A-Arm) FOX 3.0 Coil / FOX 4.0 ByPass /24″ Travel 

Rear Suspension: (4-LINK) FOX 3.0 Coil / FOX 4.4ByPass / 32″ Travel 

Steering: PowerSteering Solutions

Tires: 40″ Tall BFGoodrich KR3 Tires 

Wheels: 18″ Trail Ready Beadlock Race Wheels 

Brakes: 6 Piston Brembo Race Braking System 

Cooling: C+R Racing / PWR 

Exhaust: Header King/Borla 

Plumbing: Custom Jimco 

Driveline: JE Reel 

Fuel Cell: 105 gal Carbon Fiber Pyrotect 

Body: ‘22 Ford Raptor Custom Fiberwerx Fiberglass

 Seats: Impact Carbon Fiber HS1 

Nets & Belts: MasterCraft Safety Nets + Impact Camlock Restraints 

Paint/Graphics: Sign Pros and Long Live Design Labs 

Jack System: AGM/Howe Performance Jack System 

Paneling: custom Jimco Racing 

Lights: Baja Designs 

Navigation: Lowrance 9”&7”GPS 

Communication: Palomar Communication 

Extras: Kustom Komponents – driver & navigator helmet AC, Fluid Logic hydration system

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