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Electrotec Audio Announces Powerful New Speaker: STAGE ONE

Electrotec Audio Announces Powerful New Speaker: STAGE ONE

Electrotec Audio has announced that its new STAGE ONE wireless portable Bluetooth speaker has exceeded its Kickstarter goal. The speaker is now available for preorder, with shipping expected in August.

“Our Kickstarter campaign has been so successful that we have not only met but exceeded our goal, and we are currently in the process of fulfilling our Kickstarter backers,” said Electrotec Audio CEO and Co-Founder Rikki Farr, a legendary concert audio producer. “We are also creating opportunities for the public to pre-order STAGE ONE now so that they may receive them direct from Electrotec in August.”

“This remarkable speaker will break all the barriers set by all other high-powered mobile Bluetooth speakers,” Farr added. “The word is out, and STAGE ONE is on track to begin rocking the consumer and professional worlds this summer. This is truly Pro For the People.”

Electrotec Audio has showcased the speaker to audio professionals at its headquarters over the past few months. With a successful Kickstarter campaign and production underway, STAGE ONE is designed to deliver powerful sound, strong bass, and extended battery life.

“There is no comparison when you line up STAGE ONE against any competition,” Farr concluded. “STAGE ONE was designed to handle virtually any situation you put it in….from small to large parties to conventions to major outdoor events…utilizing the most stringent pro standards and technologies, we’ve made it ideal for everyday consumer use both indoor and outdoor, as well. One listen to this extraordinary mobile cabinet speaker will demonstrate we have reset the bar for wireless Bluetooth audio.”

The speaker features a dual hot-swappable battery system that can provide more than 100 hours of music playback at 65% volume. It also uses the latest Bluetooth BLE 5.3 technology and SKAA wireless technology, which allows for connecting up to five speakers with low latency.




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