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Centerforce Adventure Run: Keeping Manual Rigs Alive and Exploring Arizona’s Backcountry

Centerforce Adventure Run: Keeping Manual Rigs Alive and Exploring Arizona’s Backcountry

Centerforce Adventure Run: Keeping Manual Rigs Alive and Exploring Arizona’s Backcountry!

In an age where automatic transmissions dominate the off-road scene, Centerforce sought to bring attention to the advantages of manual-equipped rigs for off-road use, specifically in overlanding. With a desire to keep the spirit of stick shift driving alive, Centerforce, led by Trent McGee, the Director of Marketing and an Ultimate Adventure veteran, organized the Centerforce Adventure Run.

The Adventure Run brought together a group of like-minded brands, content creators, and friends who shared a passion for wheeling, the great outdoors, and manual transmission vehicles. Among the participants were prominent figures in the off-roading community, including Brad from Trail Recon, a renowned off-road YouTuber, Jillian Rebekah, content creator and host of the Citizen J Podcast, Sean Holman, content creator and host of the Truck Show Podcast, as well as Centerforce’s partners such as Falken Tire, American Adventure Lab, Summit 4×4, and many other friends of the brand including Verne Simons, Vasil Sivilov, Adam Schalow, Jeff Mcallister, Bobby Summers, Douglas Fletcher, Robert Keller, and Rob and Avis Cook.

We caught up with Trent for a quick rundown on the Adventure Run: How did the Centerforce Adventure Run start?

The Centerforce Adventure Run began with the intention of showcasing the benefits of using a manual-equipped vehicle for off-road and Overlanding purposes. In today’s era, where automatic transmissions have become the default choice due to their prevalence and the tendency to follow what everyone else is doing, we wanted to remind people that there are alternative methods of transferring engine power to the ground. Manuals offer distinct advantages in off-road environments, including enhanced vehicle control, improved reliability, and greater longevity.

Trips like this always have standout stories, what was the most memorable one from this adventure? 

The most remarkable story from this year’s trip revolved around the weather and trail conditions, particularly on the final day. Arizona experienced an exceptionally wet winter, and our run coincided with the aftermath of heavy rainstorms and melting snow in the mountains. Consequently, numerous normally dry creeks were flowing, some with considerable speed. One memorable example occurred while traversing Castle Creek Road at the base of the Bradshaw mountains. As the name suggests, this road closely follows the course of a creek and often meanders directly through the creek bed. Thus, for nearly 10 miles, our group drove through a narrow canyon where the water level ranged from 6 to 12 inches. Even when stationary, one could feel the current eroding sand and gravel beneath the tires, creating a sensation of movement. It was an incredibly unique and exhilarating experience. Fortunately, the water wasn’t deeper, and the current wasn’t stronger, as things could have become precarious!

Any additional thoughts on the purpose of the run and future aspirations?

One of my objectives when planning the route for the trip is to showcase the diverse and breathtaking terrain that Arizona has to offer. Despite altering the route each year, we typically encounter a range of conditions, from harsh desert landscapes to lush pine forests, and reach elevations approaching 8,000 feet, all within a three-day span. Although the Run has successfully completed its third year, we have only scratched the surface in terms of exploring the countless remarkable locations in Arizona’s vast backcountry.

The Centerforce Adventure Run has become a testament to the enduring appeal of manual transmission vehicles in the off-road community. It celebrated the passion, camaraderie, and sense of adventure shared among those who appreciate the art of stick-shift driving. As the Adventure Run continues to thrive, it left an indelible mark on both the participants and the off-roading world, reminding everyone that there was still an untamed wilderness waiting to be explored in their purpose-built rigs.

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