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A Major Milestone: the First-Ever Jessi Combs Foundation Trailblazers Run

There are certain moments in time one should reflect, rejuvenate, and reengage one’s soul. The ones that make you want to step away from the everyday grind, get out into nature, and celebrate those around you – especially those loved and lost. Too often, we let daily stresses take hold of us, and not what matters most fills our minds: the people who helped shape who we are, even if we don’t know them well.

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Centerforce Adventure Run: Keeping Manual Rigs Alive and Exploring Arizona’s Backcountry

In an age where automatic transmissions dominate the off-road scene, Centerforce sought to bring attention to the advantages of manual-equipped rigs for off-road use, specifically in overlanding. With a desire to keep the spirit of stick shift driving alive, Centerforce, led by Trent McGee, the Director of Marketing and an Ultimate Adventure veteran, organized the Centerforce Adventure Run.

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