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Camp365 Model T Truck Bed

Camp365 Model T Truck Bed

As the shift toward electric pickup trucks gains momentum, the impact of camper aerodynamics and weight takes center stage. Camp365 addresses this concern with their Model T. This camper is ingeniously designed to fold up, fitting into a 4-foot-wide truck bed. Once parked, it expands to provide a spacious 9′ x 7′ cabin with a generous 6′ 8″ headroom. The configuration options include folding queen, twin, or bunk beds, storage beneath the floor, an induction cooktop, outdoor hammocks, and a hot water shower. Weighing between 700 and 800 lbs, its compact size allows for convenient garage storage once your journey is complete.


Offroad Expo Pomona 2023

The 2023 Off-Road Expo Presented by General Tire in Pomona, California, was a two-day event from September 30th through October 1st that featured the latest and greatest in off-road vehicles, parts, and accessories.

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