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Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions Rock Solid Device Mount

Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions Rock Solid Device Mount

We are back with another addition to our Building an Overlanding Rig series, documenting a nice, middle-of-the-road approach to getting involved with a competent overlanding rig. As mentioned in Part 1 & Part 2, we wanted to create a capable build without wasting a crazy amount on mods we may never fully utilize. We wanted to build something capable of getting you well off the grid and into remote areas without excessive modifications.

Any good overlanding rig needs to mount phones and devices in a convenient spot that will stay put. Enter Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions. They offer unique mounting solutions for popular offroad platforms, including Jeep, Bronco, 4Runner, RAM, etc. They are headquartered in Ohio, the home state of the Jeep Wrangler assembly plant, and they are an independently owned and operated company.

They offer a modular system that enables you to assemble the precise mounting solution you need. In our case, we wanted to mount two phones, one for the driver and one for the passenger, with a Garmin Tread between them and not blocking the factory display screen. We wanted all of these devices to be rock solid and easily accessible while on the move.

The first step was determining all the individual parts we needed. The customer support at Bulletpoint was awesome and walked us through the entire process. We even got orange carbon arms that match the Jeep Mojave accents perfectly. It all starts with the RubiGrid® baseplate, and all the other items are mounted securely to that. This baseplate was mounted to factory Jeep holes and offered a great fit and finish. It almost looks like a factory piece.

The Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions RubiGrid® offers a great way to customize your Jeep Gladiator’s interior for overlanding adventures. This modular system is made from laser-cut metal, making it a sturdy platform to hold all your essential devices.

Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions Rock Solid Device Mount 2

Here’s how it works: first, outfit the RubiGrid® with AMPS-compatible 20mm ball mounts. These mounts are the key to attaching various device holders and arms. The beauty of the RubiGrid® system is its versatility. Depending on your needs, you can add arms and holders for tablets, phones, cameras, and even CB radios.

Installation itself is a breeze. The RubiGrid® utilizes existing screw holes in your Jeep’s dashboard, eliminating the need for drilling. Once the base is secure, simply attach the desired arms and holders using the AMPS ball mounts.

As you can see from the pictures, the result is a clean and organized setup. More importantly, the RubiGrid® provides a rock-solid base that can handle the bumps and jostles of off-road driving. This keeps your devices safe and secure and allows you to access them while navigating trails easily. Overall, the Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions system is a valuable addition to this Jeep Gladiator built for overlanding.



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