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Black Rifle Coffee Presents Recoil Reloaded: Sand & Sky with B.J. Baldwin

Black Rifle Coffee Presents Recoil Reloaded: Sand & Sky with B.J. Baldwin

B.J. Baldwin, an eight-time off-road racing champion and driver for Black Rifle Coffee Company, has brought back his famous “Recoil” video series after a five-year break. The latest installment, “Recoil Reloaded: Sand & Sky,” is a thrilling combination of Baldwin’s high-speed, off-road driving and Black Rifle Coffee Company’s signature humor. The video features Baldwin driving his 900 horsepower Black Rifle Coffee trophy truck and his personal 2019 Porsche 991.2 Turbo S on the road and in the desert. 

The video was directed by MacGregor and produced by Sweatpants Media Production. Baldwin piloted both vehicles in the production, which highlights Black Rifle’s latest brew, known for being “so powerful, it’s like cloning yourself.” The video follows Baldwin and his Porsche as they chase down a stolen load of Black Rifle Coffee and are pursued by Baldwin’s trophy truck driven by a mysterious adversary. The race includes power slides, dust clouds, and fiery explosions as the vehicles narrowly avoid obstacles and compete for the prize.

The video concludes in the iconic dunes of Glamis, California, where both sports car and trophy truck find the stolen Black Rifle Coffee truck – with fresh brew ready and waiting. Baldwin’s nemesis reveals himself to be a reflection of Baldwin, symbolizing the power of Black Rifle Coffee’s new brew.

Jarred Taylor, co-owner of Black Rifle Coffee Company, said that bringing back the Recoil series with Baldwin was an honor and a no-brainer. Baldwin joined the Black Rifle Coffee Company motorsports team in April 2021 and has returned to his winning ways. He is known for being the only back-to-back Baja 1000 Ironman champion in history and winning the Best in the Desert Trophy Truck championship last year.

To learn more about Black Rifle Coffee Company and its products, visit their website at www.blackriflecoffee.com.