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2022 Ford F-550 Ascender Expedition Truck By 27North

2022 Ford F-550 Ascender Expedition Truck By 27North

Crafted by 27North, the Ascender boldly addresses whether a luxurious apartment can be accommodated on a Ford F-550 chassis. The emphatic answer is yes. Contrasting sharply with its angular exterior, the interior of this carbon fiber shell showcases wood floors, plush leather and suede seating, a full-size bed, a well-equipped kitchen with granite countertops, and a bathroom. This luxurious comfort is all mounted on an F-550 turbodiesel crew cab chassis featuring 41-inch tires, LED lighting, an external sound system, and solar panels on the camper roof. Despite its initial $925,000 price tag, this extraordinary SUV is now available for sale at a substantial discount on ExoticCarTrader.com.

2022 Ford F-550 30A Ascender Luxury Off-Road Expedition Truck



Vollebak Firefly Color-Changing Jacket

Vollebak’s Firefly jacket changes color in response to the lighting around it, taking on copper, orange, neon green, and yellow hues as conditions change. It’s built for wear in any weather, as it’s both waterproof and windproof thanks to a 5-layer, lightweight 400-gram design with sealed seams and waterproof zips.

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